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Wastewater Treatment Plant page 1

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All poop leads to here.

Moving in from the treeline.

      Why explore a wastewater treatment plant (which is a fancy term for "sewer dump")? The reasons are several: one of the Gallivanters lives within walking distance; it's really big and full of heavy machinery; and there are fences all around it.
      The three of us were together nearby. We got our dark clothing and boots on, grabbed our digital cameras, checked the batteries in the ol' maglites. Then we stepped out the door and melted into the night.
      I had been here before, so I led the way across the field next to the plant. We approached it from the side; my plan was to do it like my first trip there alone and scale some sturdy pine trees to jump over the fence. But Osiris and Loki wanted to make sure there wasn't another way in before we tried climbing the eight-foot fence with barbed wire at the top (it IS possible). To my surprise, we found a side entrance further down the fence, a double gate that was swung wide open, with no one in sight. We moved in and saw a guardhouse just on the other side. There was only one little window in the thing facing us, and we didn't know if anyone was watching us or not. Getting as close as we could, I darted inside and behind a big pump to see what would happen. The guardhouse just sat there. Apparently there was no one home, so Loki and Osiris ran in after me.       

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